“The arrival of a good clown exercises

a more beneficial influence upon the health of a town than twenty asses laden with drugs.”

Thomas Sydenham

father of clinical medicine XVIIc.



of Saint-Petersburg

Time in hospital can be very stressful both for children and for parents. It’s unusual, incomprehensible and scary. The doctors focus on fighting the disease and have no time for emotions – and this is where the hospital clowns step in.


Hospital clowning is more than animators performing in hospitals. It’s all about improvisation, face-to-face communication, immersion into the world of childhood and games.

The hospital clowns visit the wards regularly. Week by week they build their relationships with the kids, the families, the medical staff. These relationships evolve through the time and can be easily re-kinlded in case of another hospitalization (sometimes after years). They give life to our world, our own truth which, for two hours in a week, is more real than the drips and the shots.

We collaborate with very different medical care facilities – children’s oncology wards, children’s hospice, we work with kids with heavy disabilities. This is a job, and it requires training and continuous evolution, knowing the specifics of every age and every ailment, conforming to very strict hygienic standards.

It is only your support that makes it possible.


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